To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honours.

We aim to provide continuing education and professional development opportunities for learners who have entered, or are entering the workforce, and want to enhance and upgrade their skills within the healthcare industry.

3 Hours Introductory Workshop To Gerontology

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The Ministry of Health have estimated 30,000 more healthcare workers will be needed in the healthcare industry by 2020 to meet the demands of an ageing population in Singapore.
Source: 2020 Healthcare Manpower Plan, MOH and WSG.
The older population continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. Virtually every country in the world will experience a substantial increase in the size of the population aged 60 years or over.
Source: World Population Ageing 2015, United Nations.
One in four Singaporeans will be aged 65 and above by 2030, leading to a greater demand for social and healthcare services to support the elderly.
Source: Department of Statistics & Epidemiology and Disease Control Division, MOH.

RHA Academy aims to offer high quality educational opportunities to support the need for an increased number of professionals trained to cope with our ageing population.

Fostering Collaboration
and Partnerships

RHA Academy has established strategic partnerships with industry providers to enhance the quality of education and student learning.

We are committed to providing an excellent learning and educational experience which is consistent with our ethos.

Paving the way for students.

Our innovative teaching methods.

Collaborative learning.

In partnership with the top healthcare centres and universities