Academic Counselling and Support

Academic Counselling and Support

At RHA Academy, all students undertaking the academic courses will be allocated personal tutors for academic guidance and mentorship. We provide assistance when you need help addressing any issues which may affect your academic progress. The Academy strives to ensure that academic counselling is available to all students, giving them opportunity to improve their academic performance.

Upon enrollment all students will be assigned a tutor who they will meet at regular intervals throughout their course of study. This time can be used to raise any issues that a student is facing, either academically or personally.

For support with administrative issues, students are able to make an appointment with the Student Service Department, or by emailing us at Students are encouraged to book an appointment in advanced as appointments are subject to availability.

Student Services

The Student Services is committed to provide quality support services to students throughout their educational experience at RHA Academy. We act as a first point of contact for administrative matters such as providing information on your course of study, class timetable, attendance, tuition fees, examination results and registration for graduation ceremonies.

Our staff are more than happy to provide you with the advice, support and information you need throughout your learning journey at RHA Academy.


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