Connect with Alumni – Certificate in Dementia Care

Dementia is one of the foremost priorities in global health and is estimated to affect over 44 million people worldwide. This has a huge impact on individuals and on society, so improvements in understanding, care and treatments are desperately needed.

Dementia is an umbrella term for a number of diseases, all causing a progressive loss of our ability to think, feel and perceive by affecting how the brain functions. In our e-learning workshop, Certificate in Dementia Care prepares you to provide high-quality care to persons living with dementia.

Being a caregiver, we often play a key role in supporting our loved ones through their treatment, in managing their daily living activities like eating and showering, as well as their mental and emotional wellbeing. In fact, there is a lot to take in. From learning about our loved one’s condition to picking up caregiving skills while putting their needs priority. It is so easy for us to forget about our own well-being.

For this reason, respite – or having the knowledge to care for someone with dementia is important.

Recently, our Batch 6 Graduates had completed their e-learning workshop. Throughout the workshop, they were provided with the knowledge to understand Dementia and the effects the disease may have on persons living with Dementia. They were introduced to a personhood perspective to aged care practices to effectively support and manage the needs of persons living with Dementia.

Hence, let’s gain a unique insight from our Batch 6 Graduates!

Thank you Dr Katie and Mdm Low and all our batch mates! Wonderful experience and learning and looking forward to staying in touch and keeping ourselves updated.

Thank you, Mdm Low, Dr Katie, RHA team, and all Batch 6 course mates. It has been an enriching learning experience learning from you all. The course materials are very relevant and helpful not forgetting all the wonderful experiences shared during this journey. Thank you and it’s really a pleasure to have met you all. Let’s continue to keep in touch and encourage one another whenever anyone needs some “off-loading” 👌😅💪💪😁

Thank you each and everyone of you 🙏🏻 Really appreciate the guidance, help and the time we spent together.

☘️A “BIG 💐THANK YOU” to both our 😀 awesome lecturers- Dr Katie n Mdm Low for educating and facilitating us with practical learning experiences these past 6 months. This journey has touched, inspired and empowered me to continue to improve my knowledge in Dementia Care and advocate for positive change and support people impacted by Dementia. I am looking forward to volunteer with Peaceheaven soon!
To all my Batch 6 course mates, thanks for sharing your personal experiences n lovely to know all of you. Please stay in touch.
To the admin dept- a big thanks for your kind assistance and support us during the course.

Being a housewife for almost 30 years, this learning journey was extremely tough for me. Besides learning the theory about dementia, I have to pick up new skills (doing presentation and learning PowerPoint), adapting to the new technology (zoom) and adjusting myself to speak in English, all these were great challenges for me.

This course is very meaningful and the interacting experience with the residents taught us to apply what we had learnt. I am very grateful to have marvellous teachers like Dr Katie and Mdm Low who gave me encouragement, confidence and guidance along the way. Not forgetting my fellow course mates who assisted and supported me when I needed help. I am really thankful to you all ❤