RHA Group featured as moderator and supporting organiser of Healthcare Key Event (HMA 2021)​

Yang Rui, co-founder of RHA Group featured as moderator and supporting organiser of the Healthcare Key Event (HMA 2021) held in China from 6 to 7 August 2021.

HMA China Exchange Online is an online learning-focused platform for CEOs and c-level heads of hospitals in China to gather and talk about global trends in healthcare, as well as best practices on increasing efficiency and improving outcomes in providing healthcare.

Being a moderator and supporting organiser of HMA 2021, RHA Group is a Singapore-based organization that is aimed at regional healthcare service improvement and health enhancement. With China as its major market, RHA is devoted to carrying out extensive and thorough visiting, training, and communication-related to the management and service in the field of healthcare, and shares the concepts and methods of the unique management and service of Singapore as well as its unique healthcare achievements. 

Reimagining healthcare in the new normal through innovations

As the world, after witnessing how badly COVID has crippled economies, decides to slowly ease up restrictions and learn to live with the virus somehow, how do we in the healthcare industry manage this new reality? How do we prepare for this and the uncertainty that continues to loom in the future?

As these questions keep us in the loop, HMA China conference featured thought leadership expertise and insights from all over the world, covering new trends and issues on accreditation. As well as safety, patient experience, talent management, technology, innovation, and CEO/special feature. 

With over 1000 hospitals’ executives from both public and private hospitals in China, the 2-day online learning and exchange also included countries from all over the world, especially Europe, US and Singapore.

For more info, visit HMA China Exchange Online .