RHA launches mental health workshop for Corporates

Journey to Positive Mental Health Workshop

The mental health sector is the most neglected in public health. Every year, nearly 1 billion people live with a mental illness, 3 million people die from harmful alcohol use, and one person commits suicide every 40 seconds. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people around the world have suffered from mental health issues.

Globally, a relatively small number of people have access to high-quality mental health care. Seventy-five per cent of people suffering from mental, neurological, and substance use disorders in low- and middle-income countries do not receive any treatment at all. Aside from that, the workplace has become a mental health rollercoaster, pounding at the employee’s emotions from all angles. As 1 in 3 adults struggles with mental health issues, mental health concerns and conditions are prevalent in the workplace. Companies have a duty to support their workforce, especially during these challenging times, by prioritizing employee mental health. 

Every Mind Matters at Work.

This has prompted RHA Academy to advocate a broad-scale scale-up of workplace mental health. The RHA Academy, a provider of healthcare training programs, has launched the Journey to Positive Mental Health (JPMH) program for corporate professionals. Providing a full range of insight in your workplace, all presented by our fully qualified mental health first aid facilitator who is also a qualified counsellor, wellbeing coach and mindfulness teacher.

 We’re here to start the conversation and then to provide education and resources. And to make mental health wellness a conscious part of all our efforts.” said Derrek Chang, CEO of RHA Academy.

From Work to Wellness.

The four-day course, developed by RHA Academy, provides participants with an in-depth understanding of mental health and the factors that affect wellbeing. Throughout the course, participants gain practical skills for spotting triggers and warning signs of mental health issues.

In this comprehensive virtual course, individuals will learn how to speak up, reassure, and support someone in distress. The aim of this course is to enable learners to recognize different mental health conditions as well as to know how and when to seek appropriate support and therapy.

“People are the spirit and the backbone of any organisation, if you need to invest, invest in the people”, said Michelle, the facilitator of JTPMH.

Michelle Ow, the facilitator of the Journey To Positive Mental Health Workshop, has facilitated Wellness Workshops with groups as well as one-on-one for many years. Facilitating an interactive workshop, she provides a safe, supportive environment where people can learn about mental health. During her workshop, she uses interactive and experiential techniques to engage participants.

Bringing you a step closer to reality.

The workshop aims to focus on three critical areas: raising awareness, educating society on the early identification of mental health issues, and engaging participants on how to care for their mental health. Additionally, we aim to impart knowledge about mental health among employees and teach them how to recognize signs of mental illness, how to reach out to those in need and where to seek help.

In addition, participants were able to speak to our guest speakers, who shared their challenges, struggles, and triumphs with mental health. Their inspirational stories will send an important message to a larger audience regarding mental well-being and proactively addressing challenges as they arise. Additionally, the workshop involved roleplays among the participants, which made it interactive and experiential.

“I haven’t been doing too well personally lately. I’m emotionally exhausted, physically aching, and mentally feeling like I’m on a bit of an unsteady cliff. While I’m proud of my work ethic and can-do attitude, I’ve starting to feel depressed. Last week I attended my first wellness program, Journey to Positive Mental Health,” said one of the participants.

Companies need to recognize that organizational mental health begins with them as part of a mental health initiative. Organizations will never achieve a culture of wellbeing unless they actively support employee’s mental health and model the behaviours necessary to attain it. The path to well-being and mental health is built on modest and specific commitments.

Normalizing conversations on mental health.

Hence, we believe that Journey to Positive Mental Health Workshop is a stepping stone as built-in accountability to employee wellness. We stand firm in encouraging employees to make conversations around well-being an integral part of their regular check-ins with direct reports. Normalize discussions (both formal and informal) around mental health.

It is important for us to form stronger connections with our coworkers and colleagues. By making mental health a regular topic of conversation in the workplace, we can achieve various objectives. In addition to addressing mental health issues that preceded the pandemic, Corporates can foster greater authenticity, vulnerability, and psychological safety. Therefore, this should be a daily conversation, not one relegated to just one month of the year.

To learn more about our workshop, visit Journey to Positive Mental Health for more info.